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The Shirt

Reb, blue, brown

That’s the colors of the shirt I worn

Red, blue, brown

That’s what I’m wearing now

Its sleeves are long enough to hide my elbows

Long enough to hide my imperfections

Long enough to make me feel secure

Long enough to let me think it’s your arms holding mine

Red, blue, brown

That’s the colors of the shirt I’m wearing

Red, blue, brown

With lines connecting and intersecting

It’s hugging me on my body

Making me feel warm

Making me think of you

Making me think of us

I’m looking down at the shirt I’m wearing

I’m wishing the sleeves are your arms

I’m missing your hugs because of its warmth

I’m hoping it’s your chest that touches my back

Red, blue, brown

That’s the shirt I’m wearing

That’s your shirt I’m wearing

And the owner is the one I’m missing

My 2013 Summarized

I have a lot to be thankful for this 2013. A lot has happened and I cannot honestly arrange them by dates or remember and enumerate them all. So here’s a list of the things (I can still remember) that I’m grateful for this past year:


-The interview and feature for Saksi, GMA (IGersManila).
-The exhibit for PhilAm Life’s Kandidato Anong Plano Mo (IGersManila).
-IGersManila’s 2nd Anniversary last April.

-The feature in ETC’s Top 10 Instagrammers in Asia (ipetim).
-The interview with UNTV’s Bread N Butter Show (IGersManila).
-Unfortunately got robbed at Eastwood and lost 2 phones, and 1 tablet last April. At least we were safe.

-Globe TattAwards (IGersManila and of course our very own founder cclozano is a finalist) last June.
-Winning a Cloudfone in a Globe event via raffle last June.
-Winning The Pitch at the Mobext Mobile Marketing Event (with Team Saucy).

-Getting a Galaxy Note 3 as a prize in The Pitch.
-Getting 4 certificates and 1 plaque of appreciation.
-Attending a 2-day seminar about Mission-Vision-Values Strategies.

-Being able to visit the exhibit for Da Vinci at The Mind Museum.
-Receiving free cupcakes from The CooCakes on my birthday.
-Partnered with Instacase (IGersManila).

-Being able to join the walk against breast cancer for Avon’s Do Something Beautiful (IGersManila).
-A photowalk at UP with Ed and Daddy C while there’s a storm.

-Meeting @nagaryan’s whole family.
-Witnessing Dylan’s first graduation (Nursery).
-Being able to take care of Dylan’s education and financial needs as a working mom.

-Watching Dylan’s first dance demo as Junior Kinder in school (ICCS).
-Being with Dylan at his 1st Christmas Party in school (ICCS).
-Danced twice this year (our Christmas Party in the office and IGersManila’s IGnitePH Yearender Special).

-Was HSN’s Muse again for the Sports Fest.
-Being able to help out for Yolanda victims via Philippine Red Cross.
-Received a Kindle from @nagaryan on my birthday and a Blackberry last June.

-Attended an all women seminar at BGC for 2 days and was the Early Bird twice.
-IGersManila’s #LetsSpeakApp 3 sessions.
-Meeting our #TheColl.

-Attended MTV Exit’s #FreedomPledge.
-Watched Jason Mraz concert in Araneta with Ed and @nagaryan.
-The photoshoot with Enzo Pineda with #TheColl.

-Going to Batangas with the fam on Mama’s birthday.
-Shoot and edited videos for the office with my Web Team.
-IGersManila’s #KalyePH.
-IGersManila’s #IGnitePH with lots of surprises. Thank you IGers, especially to #IGnitePH’s committee.

-Met a lot of new people this year and hopefully we’ll all be closer this year.
-Worn pants that are not jeans. And with color (big change).
-Active in ice breaker activities (my substitute for exercise).
-Rumored with lies but was protected by the truth.
-Read 40 books this year.

-Was tweeted back by my fave authors.
-Discovered and learned a lot.
-Cried and laughed a lot too.
-But most of all, was definitely loved.

Thank you for a great 2013. I’m certainly looking forward to 2014 with more experiences, challenges, friends, exhibits, exposures, instameets, photowalks, vacations, laughter, and most all - memories.

Keep the good vibes rolling this 2014.

My top 40 favorite photos in my Instagram feed this 2013.

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